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Utility Billing Services &

Facility Engineering Services

     Energy Utilization

     Deregulated Energy

     Demand Response Programs

     Green Energy

     HVAC and Lighting Audits

     Utility Allocations

     Meter Reading

     Site Selection

     Feasibility Studies

     Project Management


In applications involving master metered clients, Brice Associates, LLC provides meter reading and utility billing services for the accurate allocation or redistribution of energy costs.


As active participants in the deregulated energy markets, Brice Associates, LLC performs detailed analysis of a clients specific energy demand and usage. This information is used to model current and projected budget costs based on the published tariff schedules of the incumbent utility and anticipated energy costs.  Competitive offers are then sought from qualified third-party providers and analyzed to determine the extent and worth of each submittal.

Brice Associates, LLC offers facility engineering services in an effort to assist clients in the successful identification, analysis and implementation of commercial and industrial systems and equipment.  A variety of project management services, including the development of feasibility studies, cost analysis, design, project oversight and commissioning are also available.

Brice Associates, LLC performs energy audits of HVAC and electrical distribution systems to identify potential cost reduction opportunities and the installation of new or replacement building systems.  In addition to projected savings resulting from the use of more efficient equipment and systems, further savings associated with the optimization of existing installations are examined.


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