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Access to the U.S. science and engineering infrastructure, identifying active areas of research and development, technology needs of  manufacturers and possessing the means to get the attention and audience of potentially interested parties, government and private, requires specialized expertise such as that offered by Brice Associates, LLC

Brice Associates, LLC possesses an extensive knowledge base in matters related to the commodity and specialty chemical industries, petroleum, semiconductor manufacturing, air pollution control and remediation. Brice Associates, LLC actively participates in the emerging deregulated energy markets on behalf of our clients, both in securing competitive energy rates and managing their energy usage.  Brice Associates, LLC assists in identifying the most competitive site selection to take advantage of government incentives, tax credits, and other initiatives that result in reduced cost and complexity to our clients.

Brice Associates, LLC performs feasibility and marketing studies, product introduction, development, market need, technology transfer (import-export) related to the science and engineering sector.  Let Brice Associates, LLC  assist your nations interest in participating in the U.S. technology market place.


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