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Energy Management Services

     Load Profile Analysis

     Energy Rate Analysis and Budget Forecasting

     Determination of Actual Electric
         Generation Unit Cost

     Development of Strategies to Minimize Risk
        Through Ongoing Analysis of Energy Cost

     Periodic Reporting of Variance With Plan

     Procurement in the Deregulated Energy

     Assessment of Alternative Energy

     Demand Response Programs


The cost of energy represents a major operating expense to most commercial, industrial and institutional businesses today.

 Fundamental to controlling this ever-fluctuating cost is a sound and continuous understanding of the relationship between the particular operating requirements of a business and the rate schedule or tariff applied by the incumbent utility provider. 

 A load profile and rate analysis of an electricity service account is a detailed study that can provide valuable information concerning consumption patterns and costs.  Specific load characteristics, such as high demand charges, seasonal variations, ineffective use of the billing demand and load factor values, can be identified and acted upon in order to improve overall efficiencies and reduce energy cost.  

These analyses are essential in determining actual comparative unit costs for alternate generation and transmission services when operating in established or emerging restructured energy markets.

Brice Associates, LLC can provide account specific analysis using historical billing information and the appropriate utility rate schedule.  Once represented in a modeling format, the load characteristics and costs are reviewed for accuracy and potential cost reduction measures are examined.  Brice Associates, LLC can maintain and report variations of actual monthly charges to plan and develop future budgets based on presumptive rate changes and projected consumption.  Furthermore, Brice Associates, LLC can assist in soliciting proposals from alternate energy suppliers, measuring the value of such proposal and negotiating contract terms and conditions.


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