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Engineers & Consultants


Design & Consulting Services

     Industrial and Chemical Applications

     Process and Equipment Design

     Air Pollution Control Processes

     Biofuel Process Development

     Process Flow and Process &
        Instrumentation Diagrams

     Gas and Liquid Handling Systems

     Specialty Gas Technology, Synthesis
        and Purification

     Feasibility Studies

     Cost Benefit Analysis   


Brice Associates, LLC offers consulting, design and engineering services across a spectrum of the process industries and in the areas of air pollution control and remediation, process design, plant/facility upgrades, and energy management. 

For air pollution remediation, Brice Associates, LLC  provides proven designs for a variety of scrubber types, adsorbers, cyclones, incineration, filtration and particulate removal.  Process equipment designs include adsorbers, pump and compressor networks, and piping design for process, utility, semiconductor and sterile applications.  Brice Associates, LLC performs feasibility and cost analysis studies on capital projects in the manufacturing sector.

Brice Associates, LLC designs fully automated gas purification systems for chemical and inert gases.  These custom purifiers achieve sub PPM levels of contaminants.

Brice Associates, LLC offers project management services to include definition of project scope, process and design supervision, bid preparation, bid review, procurement, installation supervision, validation and commissioning.


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