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PJM Demand Response Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PJM?

The PJM Interconnection is a regional transmission organization (RTO) that oversees the electric grid in all or parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and the District of Columbia. PJM operates the world’s largest competitive wholesale electricity market and ensures the reliability of the largest centrally dispatched grid in the world.

What are PJM’s demand response programs?

Participants can earn substantial money by reducing their electric consumption through participation in one or more or PJM’s three load response programs:

  1. Emergency Load Response Program: Participants receive financial incentives for agreeing to reduce a set amount of electric consumption during system emergencies.

  2. Economic Load Response Program:  Participants receive financial incentives to voluntarily reduce electric consumption during times of high wholesale prices.

  3. Synchronized Reserves Market:  Participants receive financial incentives for reducing electric consumption on short notice in case of an unexpected emergency event (for example, a power plant or transmission line failure).

Brice Associates, LLC in conjunction with our curtailment service partner, will work with each participant to develop an individualized strategy for program participation based on load profile, operational constraints, and curtailment ability.

Is there any cost to participate?

There are no participation fees. We will install all required metering and technology. The participant is responsible for utility KYZ pulses (Demand Contacts), if they are needed. In addition, customers will gain access to their real-time energy data through our user friendly, web-based energy management system.  .

How can I Participate?

Brice Associates, LLC and its curtailment service partner will manage all aspects of your program enrollment and participation. Brice Associates will work with your organization to identify curtailable loads, enable the use of back-up generation, and establish effective demand response procedures.  We will measure and verify your curtailment potential in order to maximize your earnings from these demand response programs. Your capacity will be enrolled in the PJM programs that best fit your operation, and then we will continue working closing with you to adjust your program.


A Comparison of PJM Demand Response Programs
Program Economic Incentive Frequency of Events Notification Event Duration
Emergency Load Response Program Payments guaranteed whether called or not.
1 MW will earn about $20K - $30K per year
0 to 10 events between June and September (in past 5 yrs maximum
was 2 events in a year)
2 hours Max = 6 hours. 
Average event is
4 hours or less.
Economic Load Response Program Can earn 5% - 10% of electric bill, based on wholesale prices Participation Voluntary
all year round 24/365
At least 1 hour At discretion of
customer (Voluntary)
Synchronized Reserve Market Payments guaranteed whether called or not. 
1 MW can earn over $40K/year.
PJM can call 0-5 events per month 10 minutes Avg = less than 15 minutes. 
Max = 30 minutes

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